The Aspect of Structure

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Order brings some much needed structure to the inhabitants of each world, especially with the arrival of the Unrevealed. While they’ve stabilized their way of life after many centuries of struggle, it’s only because this Aspect enforced its will wherever possible, ruling with an icy and inflexible approach to the word of law.

The anarchists who follow the Aspect of Chaos offer the single biggest threat to the societies of the Four Worlds, and the hatred between the two Aspects runs deep. The fight between the two is nothing new, and those taken by the Unrevealed are all too willing to fight for what they believe in. The Aspect’s disciplined approach to training, planning, and general existence gives them an edge they’re happy to exploit. The strongest followers of Order gain the ability to summon and control ice—a fitting element for the Aspect, as what is ice, if not free-flowing water brought to heel and given structure?

Devotees of Order love to serve, and their existence is built upon the laws they enforce. Loyalty isn’t just required, it’s a moral imperative. To break one’s word is seen as the worst crime possible, and the Aspect has called for severe punishments for infractions such as these from its members. The ice prisons are full of such perpetrators, with loyal devotees submitting themselves willingly, once they accept their crimes. Followers of Chaos make up the bulk of the inmate population, their inability to respect structure a step too far for the militant inquisitors of the Aspect.

The Aspect is fond of titles for its members, and while the touch of the Aspect is felt across many strata of society, the chosen few are referred to as knights, inquisitors, and agents—titles befitting their roles in society. Knights serve to protect and enforce the law; inquisitors investigate breaches, judging those who needlessly flout the ethics of the Aspect; and agents monitor the masses, define the law, and perpetuate the Aspect to the populace. This makes the Aspect of Order one of the most visible of the six, its influence having defined much of the culture of the Four Worlds. Removing this Aspect would eviscerate the four societies, and as it’s members are stolen by the Unrevealed, a quiet panic has started building, as even if they win, will enough if their society survive? Will the Four Worlds fall to chaos if enough of the heroes of Order are lost? Of course, those fighting for the Aspect of Chaos call this out as needless propaganda, that even in their death throes, the Aspect of Order seeks to impose its will.

Followers of the Aspect of Order Aspect are associated with the color purple.

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