🔗Connect Your Hero NFT

Connect your Hero NFT to Discord

How to Connect Your Hero NFT

IMPORTANT: If you wish to connect a hero NFT to discord, you must first go to the Pixel War website, connect your wallet, connect discord, and make sure you have a default hero selected (this may require you to sign). See Hero NFT for additional details.

IMPORTANT: To set your default hero, that hero must claim its initial items. A naked hero cannot be set as a default hero (and therefore cannot be used on Discord.)

On Discord:

Use the following command:

/import nft Yourname

Were your name is the name you want for your hero.

This will prompt you with the following message:

Since this is a new character, it is ok to Archive & Import. If you do this later, you will still save your progress. If you sell or transfer your hero NFT another wallet it will automatically be disconnected from Discord.

After you do this you will see:

IMPORTANT: This message means that your hero's item NFTs will not be in your discord hero's inventory immediately. Instead you will find them as you progress through areas in the game. This is to keep the game balanced and challenging in the early levels. If a hero has all their item NFTs they mow everything down. You will get all your item NFTs back by around level 20.

Your item NFTs are not lost and will be visible on your hero NFT's web page, you will "recover" them for use on Discord as you play the game.

Additional Information

  • Your hero NFT and your discord hero are different in important ways:

    • Your hero NFT will not gain experience points, levels, health, and other level related advantages.

    • You can change items on your discord hero for free - item NFTs or degen items. This will not cost gas, but it will also not be reflected on the Hero NFT.

Why does my hero NFT not gain experience?

This choice was made for several reasons:

  • Every update would cost gas.

  • Hero NFT battles on other platforms would become more complex and unbalanced.

It is possible that this will be revisited in the future.

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