Therianthropes are humanoid creatures whose bloodlines have by magic fused with those of lesser creatures. Commonly refered to Therians, they're either as cursed or evolved, depending on perspective.

Volvenhaar: No one really knows the exact origin of the species, but they rose to menacing prominence during the Famine of the Fourth Age, notably around the area whence the legendary journey of Gemlar met a mysterious end.

Federvolk: Descendents of the Caledonian Crows, said to be of royal Logrean blood.

Kharkhan Clan: Rat-people whose origin lies in a curse which plagued the people of a powerful empire.

Medullonians: Lizard people who inhabit the jungles and coastlines, mostly near the nature infused city-state of Cardas.

Gnolls: Hill dwelling beast-people who first inhabited Fontuum.

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