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Pixel War is a strategic role-playing game (RPG) featuring 10,000 genesis pixel hero NFTs created with randomized attributes. These attributes are both aesthetic: fantasy origin, gender, appearance, etc.; and game impacting: classes (mage, rogue, warrior) and primary attributes (strength, intelligence, dexterity, and constitution). A new pixel hero is also assigned an Aspect at creation.

Pixel heroes exist on the Ethereum blockchain as composable NFTs using the ERC998/ERC721 topdown model. A composable NFT has one very special and unique capability: it can own other NFTs.

When a genesis pixel hero is minted they are granted 9 item NFTS - items use the ERC1155 standard are pre-minted in limited quantities. The number of each item that can exist is determined when it’s created, based on its rarity, which is indicated by a colored border on the item’s icon. Items always have a slot or hand. Slots indicate where a piece of armor will go, such as head, chest, feet, hands, etc. Hands indicate where weapons and class items (shields, wands, etc.) are wielded—main hand or offhand. The 9 initial items a pixel hero receives at mint include 1 for each slot or hand so the pixel hero starts fully geared.

Because the hero is a composable NFT, when an item is equipped to a pixel hero the ownership of that item NFT is transferred to the hero NFT. The item NFT will no longer appear in the pixel hero owner’s wallet after the item is equipped. If the owner of the pixel hero equips a different item (which must be in the owner’s wallet) in that slot, the new item will be removed from the owner’s wallet and transferred to and equipped by the pixel hero NFT, who is now the item’s owner. The item NFT that was previously owned and equipped by the pixel hero NFT will be transferred to the owner’s wallet.

This means the owner can change the appearance, attributes, and statistics of their pixel hero NFT at any time by equipping new item NFTs. This allows for deep strategic planning and configuration of the pixel hero as well as optimizing for personal aesthetics.

For additional details, please visit this overview.

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