The Aspect of Beginnings

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Order, Chaos, Nature, or Artifice are but constructs supporting Life, and itโ€™s the presence of the living that gives these terms meaning. From the most advanced sentient species, to the plants and trees, and down to the smallest amoeba, Life persists everywhere, but always in a delicate balance against its inevitable conclusion: Death. While the end isnโ€™t to be feared, celebrants of Life seek to force it back at every turn, giving life the ammunition it needs to thrive for as long as possible. Life isnโ€™t always neat and tidy, but without it, who would notice the mess? Unchecked Life can be a problem, but surely itโ€™s better to live with abundance than suffer extinction.

As the colonists pushed past those first, deadly years, they put their efforts into healing then procreating, looking beyond mere survival. This is where they discovered the Aspect of Life. As the first adherents to the Aspect of Lifeโ€™s efforts for survival turned to growth, others flocked to study under them. They wanted to know how they could help. What changes should they enforce to make a difference in the lives of others? How could they heal, grow, and stave off Death? Slowly, these new students unlocked further secrets of the Aspect, enriching their lives, and the lives of the other colonists. In the space of a few short years, the people of the Four Worlds went from fighting for their lives to enjoying a fruitful existence, with enough comfort and support to do much more than simply exist. For the first time in what seemed like forever, life on the Four Worlds became tolerable, then even comfortable. The people had something to live for.

In time, having grown accustomed to their new, healthier, and enjoyable lives, many forgot the hardships theyโ€™d once survived. As new generations came and went, veneration for the Aspect of Life faded, and the populace grew jaded, failing to acknowledge the part the Aspect played in their lives. Rather than being spread neatly across the inhabitants, rather than being a gift for all, the power of Life became a tool of the dedicated few. Of course, among the living, the power of Life is never too far away, but those dedicating themselves to this Aspect found themselves able to wield Life energies in spectacular ways, eventually forming the Laboratories of Life.

Gregarious, and just a little bit self-righteous, the Aspect of Life attracts bards, biomancers, and paladins to its illustrious ranks. These chosen few are brimming with energy and enthusiasm, taking this infectious energy and using it to heal the sick and inspire the masses. Some have mastered using the Aspect of Life offensively, inspiring unchecked growth and aggressive spikes of adrenaline. The necromancers of the Aspect of Death, and their reanimations, are especially vulnerable to the pure energies of Lifeโ€”and they would say the opposite is also true. Like all the opposing Aspects, distrust between Life and Death is endemic, although a slightly more pragmatic view persists, recognizing that neither can exist without the other. Their primary disagreement focuses on the balance of power, with radicals on each side seeking to escalate the conflict at each turn.

Followers of the Aspect of Life are associated with the color white.

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