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The Huntsmen

A collection of hunters, many Warriors get their start here. The various monsters, beasts, and other problems present the Four Worlds with many problems. Hunting them down is good practice and good pay. Taking down particularly high marks is a good way to get noticed by some of the other major factions, notably those with a strong tie to the Aspects, who are always looking to fill their ranks with capable fighters.

The Thespian’s Guild

What appears to be a collection of actors with a love for stage is far much more beneath the surface. One’s talents are watched far more closely upon this stage than first appearances would suggest. Those with a knack for sneaking, performing, or agility especially. Closer investigation may lead one to find its leader runs a criminal network and the Guild is simply a front to recruit them into the life. Top performers, on stage or in the streets, do often find other job offers. Notably, those with a strong tie to the Aspects, who are always looking for extraordinary individuals to join them.

Schola Arcanum

A prestigious school for up and coming Mages. Those who attend and complete their courses here rarely go jobless once leaving. Studious and powerful Mages find no end to the amount of offers they receive. The most prestigious offers come from those who are tied to the Aspects, who are always short on good Mages.

The Central Armory

While the Three Thousand Armories are second to none in terms of quality weapon creation, the Central Armory is second to none in the speed at which they create weapons. The Central Armory is a widespread business that has the capabilities to equip armies faster than any other smithing service. Despite their speed, their weapons rarely suffer in terms of quality. Why need something weird when you can have something dependable?

The Clothiers’ District

What began as a simple clothing shop has since become a wide reaching chain of shops. They gained a surge in popularity when they began releasing clothing that would be favored by Mages and adventurers alike. This surge in popularity has led them to become just as well known as the Central Armory, especially for those who look to go dungeon delving without a suit of armor around them.

The Multifold Web

A neutral faction claiming to be all knowing. Their network connects between every faction across the Four Worlds. They are invaluable for gaining information on beasts, factions, events, or people of interest.They will frequently help bridge the communication gap between the warring factions if deals need to be brokered. For a cut, of course.

Royal Armories

A top-shelf armory. Their wares are expensive but they also are a status symbol. Royalty and nobles alike are the primary buyers from the Royal Armories, but their massively expensive weapons will sometimes tumble their way down the ranks for the less wealthy to own.

Three Thousand Armories

The Three Thousand Armories are relics from the Great War of the Fourth Age. In preparation for the Great War, the allied nations of Solum, Logrand and Etheros pooled their resources together to battle the forces of Errat. Massive armories were built in each of the three allied nations, each with the capacity to arm one thousand Soldiers, of three different classes, from head to toe. These classes were: infantry, archer, and knight. The armories have been out of use for ages, but the legends of their magnificent weaponry still tempt thieves to this day.

The Inventors' Academy

The Academy is renowned worldwide as the foremost authority on technology, machinery, energy manipulation, and magic. Located in Etheros, smart minds from all over Pixelos, regardless of race or nationality are welcome to study. Upon admission into the academy, they must sign a soul contract agreeing to use their knowledge for the betterment of the plane. This is of course a subjective condition, and not all students honor the code they pledge to. Given the mental rigors of studying Etherian engineering, the minds of students inevitably expand, and most do however grow to see the benefits of cooperation. As a result, most students develop a bond with their varied peers, and most do uphold the code even after they leave the academy and return to their homelands.

The Council of Roots

Legends tell that the Ancient Tree was so large that its canopy could not even be seen, for it stretched so high above the clouds that it couldn’t be seen from the ground. Allegedly, its roots stretched all the way down to the roof of the Under, and spread from Solum to Cardas, Errat to Fontuum. The most devoted of any race may ascend to thepeak of the natural order, achieving status as a “Root of the Ancient Tree”, a designation that not only tells all of their synchronicity with nature, but one which also earns them a seat in the Council of Roots.

The Council of Roots is a summit which meets once every blue moon, determining which areas of the natural world shall be bolstered and which will require sacrifice, in order to preserve planetary equilibrium.

The Cloven Canopy

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The Screaming Hall

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Mercenaries' Guild (Name yet to be transcribed)

The desert lands of Bhienbia and Bhiessia are harsh and one must be both clever and tough survive. Trust no one in these parts, and expect that no one else will trust you. Because of its central location, this is a convenient place for mercenaries and assassins to gather. Anyone is welcome to live in the twin , but all contracts come through the Mercenaries’ Guild. In order to be considered for a contract, mercenaries and assassins must prove their worth to the guild by performing a death defying fear in the Dark Circus. Similar to the Arena of Champions, the Dark Circus is notorious for providing unforgettable entertainment that one truly must see to believe.

The Infirmari/Kranken Labs (the true name is yet disputed)

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The Library of Lenna

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The Cult of Asteron

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The Silent Colegia

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