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Devotees of the Aspect of Chaos reject the rules of society, and follow their hearts wherever that might lead them. But Chaos isn’t about mindless destruction, or chaos for chaos’s sake—although radical fanatics of Chaos certainly exist—it’s about freedom from structure and needless restriction. Those who embrace the Aspect of Chaos know their own minds, and know they can’t live while crushed under the thumb of others, that submitting to something they see as limiting will only lead to pain and hurt. Chaos isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity.

Somewhat ironically, the lawmakers of the Aspect of Order impose their rules to give society structure and peace, but in doing so, the fervor with which they approach it drives many, many others in the opposite direction. Without this abundance of structure, followers of Chaos would have less to rebel against, and the more they fight against structure, the more potent they become. As they grow in power, their magics grow in tandem, and as they radicalize themselves, others are drawn inexorably into their circle. It’s a haphazard way to grow, but the Aspect of Chaos wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s not that civilization is anathema to the Aspect of Chaos, as many followers function peacefully in the societies built across the Four Worlds, but they clearly occupy the spaces at the fringe. For many of them, Order in itself isn’t a problem, the problem is with Order’s attachment to stagnation. To grow and thrive, you need to adapt. No society ever prospered by remaining the same, and more so than any other fact, it’s clear that the first settlers needed to adapt or die.

The devotees of Nature might claim it to be the first known Aspect, but adherents of Chaos know that before anyone felt its delicate pull, Chaos was there, waiting for them to notice. Of course, its pull wasn’t always delicate, but such is the way of change. The clever ones didn’t fight the pain though; they embraced it, learned from its ways, and saw where it could take them. Following Chaos meant breaking down barriers without heeding the potential risks. The earliest days of the Aspect were tough, but those emerging from the other side were some of the most spirited individuals on their worlds. Once Chaos had its hooks in the populace, they, and by extension the Aspect, became too powerful to be removed.

While principles of the Aspect of Chaos have seeded themselves across the Four Worlds, the true followers exist on the edges of their societies. Radicals, barbarians, warlocks, and tricksters swell their ranks, as once the mind is opened to the potential for Chaos, potent magics follow in its wake. Few are as devoted to their Aspect as those embracing Chaos, and once they cross the threshold into madness, there’s no chance of return. Like the fire of their magics, they cannot be controlled or contained, and to be extinguished before leaving your mark is seen as a great failing. Indeed, members of the group calling themselves the Screaming Hall fight to ensure their changes are seen as worthy of their own execution, should they be captured by the Aspect of Order’s Final Court. Dying for Chaos is better than living for Order.

Followers of the Aspect of Chaos are associated with the color Red.

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