Logrand is the center of medicinal research and development. Logranon is regarded as being the highest ranked and most widely worshiped god among the Pixelosian pantheon. Logrand serves as the foremost authority on religion and thus is a hub for clerical study and the development of life preserving magic. The Kranken Labs are famous worldwide for the potions and medicines they develop. Magic is highly connected to the presence of and commune with the ancient gods. While whispers of corruption exist about the church, but most turn a blind eye and simply allow the practices to continue as they will, so long as medicine and healing magic continue to improve. Logrand is the god of life, and that includes undeath. Meddling in the affairs of the church may very well result in an undeath curse being placed on oneโ€™s household. Conversely, by utilizing the mystical incantations of Logranon, adept healers can prevent death on the battlefield, and they can heal wounds as if they were never inflicted. They also wield the power to cure illness within the body simply by administering a potion and whispering an incantation.

PATRON GOD: Logranon

GOVERNING BODIES: The Church of Logranon/Kranken Labs ("The Laboratories of Life")

Founding legend/history: *Tablets under translation*

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