๐Ÿ’ŽThe Six Aspects

Six primordial forces bring structure to the universe. They exist in opposing pairs.

The Six Aspects are pivotal to the lives of the inhabitants of the Four Worlds. These six primordial forces, discovered by the original colonists, were all that stood in the way of their imminent destruction. Any memory of exactly how the Aspects were discovered, and who first recognized their potential, was lost in the chaos of the early colonies, but what was born of desperation soon weaved its way into everyday life.

To some, the Aspects are akin to a religion, treated like powers of some unknowable deities. Others look at them more pragmatically, exploring their limits and testing them with the rigor and meticulous nature of scientists. Still, no one on any of the Four Worlds has reached a conclusion about what the Aspects truly are, just that they are as real as any part of the universe around them. Proponents of each Aspect struggle to master them, pushing their minds and bodies past the point of exhaustion, and into a militant acceptance. The Aspects are singular in their ability, so if one Aspect is mastered, that hero will never taste the power of the other five. While the Aspects exist in a necessary peace on their home planets, once transported to Pixels, their rage for each otherโ€”especially their oppositesโ€”is harnessed, encouraged, and sent into battle.

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