Aspected Mage Classes

Mages rarely settle. They are constantly in pursuit of greater heights. Greater understanding. Greater power. And so mages eventually turn to specialization in one the Six Aspects. They wield these primordial forces to a far greater degree than others, often becoming a new beast entirely in the process.

Druids are one with the Aspect of Nature. The very plants bend to their will. The creatures whisper to them their secrets. Druids speak to Nature as if it were a familiar friend, allowing them to wield the deadliest of poisons or use the very land itself to ensnare their opponents. It is rumored that fighting a master druid in the forest is akin to fighting a battalion of normal enemies given how many plants and animals will attack for them from all sides. Druids can be found in most forests, just be wary how you decide to approach them and their holy realms.

The great inventors of the Four Worlds, artificers use the magic of the Aspect of Artifice to create technologies that can be used by all. These mages are often looked at more favorably than others, since they look to share their power by creating devices that can empower anyone. By harnessing lightning, they make their creations self-sustaining and potent. Even a child can become a devastating combatant when outfitted with the best an artificer has to offer. Artificers are easily found in major civilizations across the Four Worlds, working on making the lives of those around them better, and reaching for ever greater heights of destruction in the process.

One of the most feared of all the mages, rivaling even necromancers, warlocks join the ranks of barbarians in seeking constant conflict. They rely on their natural spellcasting talents to see them through the most difficult of situations, but their literal approach to the Aspect of Chaos means theyโ€™re just as likely to raze seemingly innocent settlements to the ground as they are to dispatch a fairly matched opponent. The heat from their flames are so devastating that even the most heat resistant of armors rarely lets you escape a warlockโ€™s flames unscathed. You can find warlocks on any battlefield, fighting for any side. Just follow the smoke and flames. And the stench of burning flesh.

The lawmakers, judges, and jailers of the Four Worlds, the inquisitors wield ice magic that imprisons criminals, even trapping them forever if they deem it so. Working together with knights and agents, inquisitors work to create better laws by which to impose the iron will of the Aspect of Order. Many fear inquisitors not only for their magic, but their sheer knowledge of the law. Itโ€™s said that if an inquisitor stares at you longer than three seconds, itโ€™s because youโ€™ve broken a law. And if you have, your best option is to immediately throw yourself on the mercy of the Final Court.

With all the dangers in the Four Worlds, for a time civilization teetered close to extinction. This was until mages discovered how to wield the Aspect of Life, greatly increasing the survival rate of the early colonists. Since then, biomancers have have spread across the Four Worlds. They founded the Laboratories of Life, an organization dedicated to studying and advancing magic utilizing the Aspect of Life. Biomancers can be found in any major population center on the Four Worlds, and some even make house calls.

Mages associated with the Silent Collegia, the dreaded necromancers serve the Aspect of Death by ensuring that all are given the ending they deserve. Of course, this power soon became twisted and aggressive. Many used the Aspect of Death to gain knowledge of undeath. There is a good reason to fear necromancers, for if they kill, they gain allies. Cold, dead, unthinking, utterly loyal allies that fight to the death, then welcome still more cold, dead, unthinking, utterly loyal allies.

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