The Aspect of Nature has delivered the druids to the world. Connected to the web of creation that binds everything, they call upon the uncorrupted world to ensnare and overwhelm those who would attempt to harm them.

The artificers of the Aspect of Artifice resurrect ancient technology, and create new devices, all with the intention of releasing the most destructive weapons possible. Their magic is enabled and amplified through their connection with the Aspect of Artifice—and they’re masters of what they do.

Warlocks make pacts with the Aspect of Chaos, siphoning mana from the unknowable so they might release it when the time is right. What emerges is a surprise to their hapless victims, and the warlocks themselves.

Standing strong against lawlessness, are the inquisitors, staunch supporters of the oldest codified religion in the Four Worlds. Deviation from what is locked in place by the Aspect of Order is unforgivable, and the inquisitors’ right to rule is supported by the divine energies they channel on behalf of a controlled and endless peace.

Perhaps the strangest addition to the field of battle are the biomancers, more used to healing than harming, they still maintain a grasp on every fragment of of the Aspect of Life, including a fearsome knowledge of anatomy. Biomancers know just where to strike.

Necromancers relish their entry into the arena, flaying the souls from the enemies of the Aspect of Death and using their corpses as unliving shields. For every necromancer that falls, another gains a body for their ever-growing army—albeit a little on the putrescent side.

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