Etheros is home to the Inventorsโ€™ Academy which is the authority on all matters of artifice, technology and machines. Etheros is also the home of the Schola Arcanum and attracts promising mages from across the plane. As such, Etheros has solidified its position at the forefront of magical development, as its students are constantly testing the boundaries of conventional magic and are creating new innovative ways to master the craft. Being the most technologically innovative of all nations on Pixelos, Etherian warships are unmatched in power and precision. This has given Etheros a commanding maritime presence which fuels the proliferation of their culture and mechanical wonders throughout the plane. They say that whosoever controls the waters determines the tides of the war, and Etherosโ€™s domination of the Pixelosian seas is testament to that.

PATRON GOD: Aetherian GOVERNING BODIES: Inventorsโ€™ Academy / Schola Arcanum

Founding legend/history: *Tablets under translation*

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