The Intersection of the Four Worlds

Six major cities, so old their origins are lost in the fog of history. Their names morphed by time.

  • Etheros: Humming with the machines and miracles of the Aspect of Artifice, the factory city of Etheros is home to both the Central Armory and the sprawling Clothier’s District. Anything and everything is for sale here, from the mundane to the bizarre. The peace is kept by patrol automatons, and every third “person” you might see on the streets is mechanical in nature.

  • Solum: As rigid as it is frigid, the city-state of Solum is the very heart of the Aspect of Order. The glistening white towers of the High Court soar above the city, the ranks of inquisitors looking down on the world itself with a critical eye. And while the Royal Armories invent nothing, centuries of an economy in perfect balance have allowed it to gather the world’s greatest cache of weapons, magic items, and who knows what else.

  • Logrand: Nestled on a blue bay on the fertile plains of the southern peninsula, and protected by the verdant Lorean and Eastern Woods, it’s no wonder Logrand has attracted a majority of followers of the Aspect of Life. Here, the bards of the Thespian’s Guild gather to trade songs and tales, and the Laboratories of the Biomancers delve into the very nature of life itself.

  • Cardas: The jungle city of Cardas is itself a living tribute to the Aspect of Nature. The Huntsmen gather in longhouses grown, not built, and from scattered settlements in the surrounding jungles, the brigands of the First Tribes come to trade, and drink, and gather new recruits.

These six cities each have ancient portals, not understood by their locals, that connect to the Four Worlds. Etheros's portal connects to Eth, Solum's to Sol, Logrand's to Algo, and Cardas's to Flow.


Secretive and impenetrable, the so-called Dark Sites host the most dangerous adherents of the most dangerous of the Six Aspects. You don’t go to these places uninvited, and almost no one is ever invited.


Steeped in the ways of the Aspect of Death, Errat might appear to be any ordinary trade town or coastal fishing village, but nestled as it is between the fiery peaks of Mount Naul and Mount Ash, this soot-blackened hellhole serves as the training ground and armory for the Silent Collegia. The most dangerous assassins don’t so much live here as pass through for assignments, bounties, orders, and training.

Discordus Crossing

On a good day you might pass through this simple town of a few hundred residents and never feel it thrum to the irregular heartbeat of the Aspect of Chaos. Somewhere deep under the town, hidden from sight, are the dreaded Screaming Halls in which barbarian hordes gather, impatient to be released.

Ancient Tower

From outside, it’s a ruin, as old as the world itself. Inside, it is the Schola Arcanum, where mages are born, trained, and set loose into the world—for good or ill. Or both.


The Multifold Web is everywhere—every city, every town, every settlement… Or are they?

The World of Pixelos

The Under

The Under is a vast world hidden under the surface of Pixelos. It's a dangerous place, full of monsters and demons. There are cities, dungeons, warrens, and more.

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