Important Characters

The Golden King of Errat


This wayfaring wizard is a bit of an enigma. He wields powerful spells, but he tends to use his magic for parlor tricks and mischief. He has an affinity for mead and the looser his tongue gets, the more punishing his banter becomes. He's more of a troll than wizard if one is being honest.

Sashoz is a hermit residing in the cottage once belonging to the great witch, Rystafeal, which is found in the heart of the Twisted Woods. He is an expert riddler and only by solving his brain teasers can one prove themself worthy of the treasures he guards.



Alvhar When the first humans explored the far reaches and depths of Pixelos, the Lifestone was discovered. Among these early explorers was a man named Alvhar, who was known for his wanderlust and endless curiosity. He was also known for his love of nature and for his kindness and benevolence towards weaker beings. Among his group, Alvhar was the only one bold enough to touch the Lifestone. Sensing his intentions were not greedy, but rather were purely inquisitive, the land spirits in the area were intrigued. One curiously merged with his spirit and he became the first elf. As tales of his unusually long life spread, others speculated that the Lifestone was the cause and many came to replicate Alvharโ€™s transformation. It did not work however, for Alvhar was chosen by the land spirits. With time, he grew to resent his solitary immortality and with the help of the high council of Seladria, he was transformed into a great oak tree, the location of which is now unknown.

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