Cardas is the best assimilated of all nations on Pixelos and is typified by not only a vast understanding of nature, but a deep love and respect for it.. Rather than dominating the natural environment, the Cardasian way is to embrace it, learn from it, and integrate with it. Despite many philosophical differences, this perspective aligns well with the nearby nation of Fontuum, which has led to strong trade relations between the two. In Cardas, none are presumed to be superior to others on the basis of race, and there is a remarkable lack of fear between races. It is quite common to see orcs breaking bread with humans, and machines playing games with elvish children. Medullonians integrate with society and fight alongside other Therians, and humans, when their collective way of life is threatened by invaders. This type of inter-species communion and camaraderie are rarely found in other places, but in Cardas it is a way of life and is deeply woven into the social fabric.

PATRON GOD: Cardaius GOVERNING BODY: Council of Elders

Founding legend/history: *Tablets under translation*

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