Aspected Warrior Classes

Warriors are famed for their victories over fearsome foes, but competition is fierce for those who wish to become a legend. When itโ€™s simply not enough to be a warrior, those craving more power seek out the adherents of the Six Aspects. These primordial forces grant structure to the universe and great strength to those who begin to understand their ways.

With their intimate knowledge of Nature, rangers are most comfortable in the wild places. Though deadly with a sword, rangers are also familiar with all sorts of poisons extant in the Four Worlds. In addition to their deadly and varied arsenal, rangers adapt to any terrain as if theyโ€™ve lived there their entire life. They can sense the most minute disturbances in the natural world and instantly know who belongs in their neck of the woods and who is a threat. Rangers can be found almost anywhere in the Four Worlds, but especially places where man carelessly takes until nothing of value remains.

To be the best, you need to wield the best. When the skill between you and your opponent stands on equal footing, it is the quality of gear that decides the victor. Soldiers are sometimes considered foolish, fearlessly equipping themselves with untested prototypes and engaging in dangerous experiments, all for the betterment of the Four Worlds. For this braveryโ€”or foolishnessโ€”they are rewarded with the power to do things others only dream of. Soldiers are often found in big cities, where artificers of reputation reside, pushing the limits of their body and technology to greater heights. Soldiers of the Aspect of Artifice are the pioneers of innovation, charging ahead so the artificers can observe and improve upon the gear they wield.

Warriors that lose themselves in the thrill of combat are either born barbarians or eventually descend into this state. The strongest of barbarians have the keenest of instincts. They invite challenge upon themselves and rarely bother with intel on their adversaries. They revel in Chaos for its own sake, sowing it upon themselves and others. Barbarians enjoy seeing who survives the Dance of Chaos, revealing who has the better instincts. Despite their lack of strategy and tactics, barbarians still often succeed against overwhelming odds by adapting to the ever-changing battlefield in seconds. Barbarians are found anywhere there is or will be battle. They may show up in wars they have no part in, just to fight. Which side they fight for often changes with the wind, so even as allies they bring little ease.

Knights adhere to a strict code they believe grants stability to not only themselves, but everything they care forโ€”even the entire universe around them. While they can often be accused of being as cold as the ice magic they utilize, the knights of the Final Court are always attempting to protect the Four Worlds from descending into anarchy. Knights are champions of everything they know is right and solid and eternal about life in the Four Worlds, regardless of anyone elseโ€™s strange, dangerous ideas on how to live their lives.

Paladins are sworn to protect Life, no matter the cost. And it is said that only the wicked should fear the paladin. Usually seen battling monsters or aiding those in danger, paladins do not concern themselves with lawbreakers, unless their crime is murder. They are the heroes sung about in song for their constant effort to protect the vital Aspect of Life. Paladins are often found around the Laboratories of Life, accompanying biomancers on dangerous rescue missions. Many revere these walking symbols of hope, a select few are allowed to even attempt to join their ranks, and fewer still become that light in the darkness.

Nothing sends a shiver down a manโ€™s spine quite like the laugh of a reaper. Many see them as evil maniacs who serve no master but Death itself, basking in an aura of Death and dancing their way across the battlefield. Unlike the assassins of the Silent Collegia, who believe it their duty to ensure everyone receives a fitting end, reapers just really enjoy killing. As such, reapers are sent for the scum of the Four Worlds, to make their targets wish their last moments would come just a few seconds sooner. Reapers are hard to find but itโ€™s easy to tell where one has been. If you find a room painted with blood, and an Aspect of Death symbol drawn into it, the artist was a reaper.

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