Warriors approach their role as pixel heroes in different ways, depending on their Aspect, so while the end result is always a skilled combatant, the manner in which they approach the fight differs immensely.

Rangers follow ancient ways, adhering to the laws of Nature. Often keeping to the wilds, their rugged lifestyle makes them naturally tough.

The soldiers of the Aspect of Artifice use their advanced weaponry and protective armor to survive, and fight another day. Highly mechanized, they’re a military force to be reckoned with.

Impulsive and reckless, the barbarians are chaos incarnate. They may lack the training of their peers, but their unpredictable ferocity gives them an edge others struggle to match.

The knights stand in heavy contrast, as their code requires a rigid structure to everything from their personal morality to their training regime. Disciplined, organized, and methodical, knights fight to win.

While they respect the Aspect of Life in all its forms, the paladins aren’t afraid to avenge what’s been taken, or fight with an unmatched ferocity to protect their own lives, or the lives of the masses.

Reapers don’t fear death, knowing it comes for all. Few are as skilled, or as comfortable with the taking of a life as these remorseless killers.

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