🗞️Claiming Item Drops

How to claim an item drop

ALERT: Item claims expire after 7 days.

➡️ Head over to the Pixel War website.

To claim a free item drop you will first need to connect your Ethereum wallet. An item claim is not the same as a mint.

First, click the Connect button (it may also appear as just the silhouette / head without the word connect).

If you have a pending item drop a "New Item!" banner will appear (see image below). The banner will only appear if the wallet you are connected with has a pending item drop. Item drops can come from many sources (giveaways, earned in game, rewards for achievements, etc.)

You will then be presented with new box with a Claim Your Item Now button - this will initiate the transfer of the item NFT to your wallet.

There will be a small gas fee which will vary based on current gas prices on the Ethereum network. (At the time of this writing claims typically cost between $2-$6 in gas.)

Once you have approved the transfer, the process is in the hands of the blockchain (ie: Ethereum) and will process depending on network congestion and other factors. You will see a transaction link which you can click to see the transaction on etherscan.

Assuming you do not navigate away from this page, you will see your item when the transaction is completed.

Item Claims Go To Your Wallet

Unlock the initial 9 item claim that you got with your hero - which are equipped to your hero and owned by your hero, item claims send the item NFT to your wallet. You can equip your new item on your hero NFT, hold it, sell it. There may be other opportunities to use items in different ways in the future.

Item NFTs held in the same wallet as your hero NFT will show up in the inventory tab on the Pixel War website where they can be equipped.

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