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Since the earliest days, those following the Aspect of Nature seek to maintain equilibrium between the progress many yearn for, and a necessary veneration of the natural world and their place in it. While some feel Nature holds them back, nurturing each of the Four Worlds’ natural states requires diligence and respect. Not everyone understands this, though, leading those with the strongest connection to seek to return civilization to the forests, turning their backs on all signs of modernity. Of course, the Artificers stand in their way, and as the opposing side of this Aspect, the two seek to keep each other in check—or at least limit the victories of their opposite numbers. The Three Thousand Armories, in particular, have felt their ire on many an occasion.

The followers of Nature are many, and those fully in tune with the Aspect go all in on their veneration of the natural world. Rangers, druids, brigands, and forest folk enjoy the strongest control over its magics. Using their wisdom, they bring the benefits of the forest to the masses, their skills in communication to discover the wants and needs of the plants and animals of the woods, and their fierce strength to protect the natural world against any and all interlopers. When fighting’s required of them, their weapons reflect their intrinsic respect for all things natural. Simple objects, items devoid of over-engineering, and poisons cultivated from the local flora and fauna all take their place in this Aspect’s arsenal, resulting in particularly messy ends for those standing in their way. Followers of the Nature Aspect are associated with the color green.

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