Altar of Asteron

The Altar of Asteron is home to a few important relics.

First is the Thulean Eye, a Glowing Blue stone, the size of a human skull. It is said to have come from the bottom of the ocean, and was found by Cephla divers long ago. It is protected at the center of the shrine and the altar which holts it is said to have a pulsating gravity which pulls viewers ever closer.

Second is the Drachenstone, a Red Jewel which naturally formed in the shape of a dragon scale. It was allegedly found along a cavern wall deep in the heart of the Cavernous Cliffs, by a lowly herder who got lost in the caves while looking for a yochenhoof which strayed from the herd. The shepherd managed to pull the stone from the wall with relative ease, as if she was destined to bear the stone. Upon returning home, her hair had turned from pale blonde to fiery red and she was stricken with a fever which lasted for 12 days and nights. According to one legend, when she recovered, she had a particular sensitivity to the sun, and could no longer bear to stand under its warm rays. Such was her curse that she would never again feel comfort of the sun, and she returned to the cavernous cliffs and was never seen again. She allegedly transformed into a fire drake over time. Another tale suggests that the shepherd was imbued with the exact opposite; a resistance to heat and the ability to generate fire at will. Regardless, her bright red hair is unmistakable, and that detail is confirmed to be true, at least according to the locals who live near the Cavernous Cliffs.

Third is the shard of Netherglass, allegedly left behind at this very site when the god of the cosmos was defeated and the soul of the god left its worldly body and returned to the cosmos. The Netherglass is said to be a fragment of the god's eye and it is said that gazing through it shows the viewer alternate realities which exists concurrent to this one. Such revelations are not to be taken lightly however, as there are some truths which are not meant for human minds to bear.

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