Solum is the most integrated of nations on the plane. The citizenry is made up mostly of dwarves, humans, and Seladrian elves, though there are other races which also . Hamarโ€™s Court is the governing body which decides the fate of the nation; they decide trade with other nations, determine changes to economic and social policies within Solum, declare wars and draft treaties upon their conclusion. It is this inter-racial cooperation that has solidified Solumโ€™s place in Pixelos as a beacon of order. Hamarโ€™s court is comprised of leaders representing each of the races in the nation. Representation is largely โ€œfairโ€, due to it being proportional to demographic size. The top level of the court is called the Tribunal of the Elders, and consists of: Solmur, the leader of the Solumerian Dwarves, Thaelyr, the emissary representing the wishes of the Seladrian elves, and Phaedra, who is known throughout Solum as being the most knowledgeable of all humans when it comes to law and history.

PATRON GOD: Solumar GOVERNING BODY: Hamarโ€™s Court

Founding legend/history: *Tablets under translation*

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