The brigands of the Aspect of Nature know how to use cover and ambush to their advantage. After all, you can’t defend against what you can’t see, and Nature’s always provided the best camouflage.

Progress doesn’t come for free, and the thieves of the Aspect of Artifice know exactly where to acquire what’s needed. Subtle of hand and mind, they rule the streets and back alleys of the Four Worlds.

The Aspect of Chaos doesn’t stand still, and neither do the tricksters. They go wherever fate takes them, and fight with whatever comes to hand. Deception comes naturally to these wild, unpredictable maniacs.

The agents of the Aspect of Order use their talents to hunt down their prey, be that information, materials, or people. Unassuming and cunning, their training teaches them the perfect moment to strike, and how to put their targets at ease just before they put their targets to death.

Life is to be lived, and the bards excel at sharing this joy with others, and protecting its sanctity wherever they’re needed. Inspiring and passionate, their enthusiasm for the Aspect of Life in all its glories is infectious.

Sometimes, a targeted kill is the right tool for the job, and invariably it’s one of the Aspect of Death’s assassins wielding the blade. Coming and going as they please, few of their victims see their death coming until it’s too late to do more than accept it.

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