ðŸĪ–Add Pixel Bot to Server

Installation Steps

1. Install Pixel Bot

Click the link below to add Pixel Bot to your server:

🌐 Install Pixel Bot

2. Create Channels

Create one or more channels for Pixel War in your server, possibly in a separate category.

3. Configure Permissions

  • Please make sure that the default role (@everyone) role has permission to use external emojis.

  • If your Pixel War channels are private, add the Pixel Bot role to your channels' permissions.

  • Enable the following permissions:

4. Create Royale Role

Create a decorative role called Royale and assign it to members who are going to schedule Battle Royales. This role doesn't require any permissions.

5. Set up Channel for Cross-Server Battle Royales

Pixel War has cross-server battle royales, called global-royales. Players from many servers can join the same battle royale game, and their server name and icon will be featured in the UI.

To set up global-royales, create a channel for it, then run the command:

/royale set_global_channel

6. Alert role for Global Royales

If you want players to be notified whenever a global royale starts, you can assign them a role called 'Royale-Alerts'. This role will be tagged whenever a global royale is starting.

7. Restrict Members/Channels

Optionally, go to integrations -> Pixel Bot, and restrict channels and/or roles that can access the bot commands.

8. Subscribe to the Updates Channel

To get Pixel War update notifications and alerts, follow the [#🔔ãƒŧpw-beta-announce] channel in the Pixel War Discord.

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