The Boraxian Fog

Revenants of the fallen Empire of Boraxia, the Fog wanders the plane, in constant conquest, searching for their long forgotten homeland. Boraxia was a powerful empire at the height of the Fourth Age, but fell to ruin during the Great War. The empire was led by a corrupted queen who only found contentment by conquering surrounding villages and enslaving their citizens for her entertainment. When she tired of them, she executed them en masse, secretly feeding their corpses to her subjects, and would begin plotting a new conquest. With each slaughter, her empire fell further into darkness. She was a beautiful woman in her youth, but as she aged, the evil of her wickedness weathered her face. In her desperate, vain search for eternal youth, she appealed to Logranon, secretly sacrificing slaves in her chambers, hoping to curry the god's favor and blessings. Though the god of life could be invoked for the purposes of undeath and life preservation, and although sacrifice was indeed a requisite for such rituals, she was ignorant of the true nature of the rituals. Any life offerings must be given freely, with the only exception being the just execution of particularly heinous murderers. Innocent life disrupted the balance of life, and displeased Logranon. Thinking the god of life had any interest in preserving the beauty of a being so internally vile, and especially insulted at her presumption that such blessing could be bought at the cost of innocent life, Logranon brooded. Upon her own death, after a lifetime of cruelty and torture, she was cursed to forever roam the plane in undeath, starvation, and spiritual vacancy. There was no path for her to ever find peace or contentment, and those who served her sadistic conquests met the same fate when the vile empire was toppled in the great war.

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